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We are family – Sharing plate ideas

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In this article we’re looking at family time and some sharing plate ideas to help fast food outlets, restaurants & pubs deliver delicious meals so your customers can enjoy some quality time together. It looks at sharing mains, sides to excite, packaging ideal for delivery, and other useful ideas for getting your delicious sharing plates out to customers.

Sharing Plate Ideas

In the current climate it makes a lot of sense to provide a limited menu to control costs and help ease the burden on your kitchen to ensure your staff can operate at a safe distance from each other. Another consideration is to look at recipes that you can cook in batches so that you can do most of the leg work before taking orders.

5 Delivery Ready Classic Sharing Plate Ideas

We have put together 5 share plate ideas for your restaurant, all family friendly, straight forward to make and adaptable, helping to satisfy all dietary needs whilst making the most out of your ingredients.

1. Pizza

Pizza The Ultimate Sharing Plate Idea

An all-time family favourite, especially for those Friday nights. All you need to do is make the dough, once this is done you can start to add your toppings.

Find yourself a good dough recipe or buy pre-made dough, there’s plenty of good options for you here. For the sake of ease in the kitchen, a prepared dough might be the best option as you can get a variety of different doughs, from gluten-free to sourdough. Plus, you can get frozen dough so you can store and use only what you need, limiting food waste.


You could go crazy here and offer everything under the sun, but in reality, it makes more sense to keep your pizza menu simple. Either offer a choice of 3 or 4 pizzas, or set out the toppings for customers to create their own. Try and use ingredients which you already have, for example, a vegetable pizza is a good idea as it caters for vegetarians and you’re more than likely to have spare vegetables in stock.

2. Lasagne

Family Favourite Lasagne

Sticking to the Italian theme, Lasagne is the perfect midweek family meal for your customers to enjoy. As well as the nutritional value, it’s easy to deliver and can be reheated the next day for a second helping.

We’re sure you know how to make a good lasagne, but you can offer a veggie and meat lasagne with practically the same ingredients, just swapping the meat for a vegetarian alternative. For example:

Sugo – Tomato Sauce

Passata, basil, onion, garlic, olive oil & seasoning. Mix all cold in a pot and simmer for 20-30 minutes, then blend. You have an easy to make foundation for your lasagne which can be used in both meat and vegetarian versions (plus pizza sauce if you’re doing pizzas too).


Minced meat with some carrot, onion and garlic, mix in the sugo to get a rich filling.


Oven roast peppers and red onion for 20-30 mins and use as a layer for both meat and veggie lasagnes

Meat replacement

A firm favourite of vegetarians – spinach and ricotta. Wilt the spinach, drain and mix the ricotta with an egg. You have your veggie layer replacing the meat.

The recipe suggestion above is ideal for a one pot lasagne, this meal can be made in batch should you want to offer it out as a ‘meal for 4’ delivery package, including sides such as wedges or seasonal veg. Your restaurant can even offer a ‘meal for 2’ or single portions as it’s such a versatile dish. Throw in a bottle of wine and a dessert and you have a romantic Italian meal.

We also stock ready made lasagne that’s a real time saver and tastes delicious.

3. Pies, Stews & Casseroles

Family Pie Recipe

Perfect for midweek or weekend family meals, pies, stews and casseroles are quintessentially British. The beauty of these delicious mains is that you can make them in batches, use a set number of ingredients and still create a hearty and delicious meal that the whole family can enjoy.

Our supplier, Aviko has couple of recipes for you to take inspiration from that require little prep and can be left to slowly cook in time for orders.

Sausage Apple & Black Pudding Apple Stew Recipe

Steak & Ale Pie Recipe

Topping your pies & adding to stews

You can be creative here with a variety of different toppings and fillers, from pastry, mashed potato, sweet potato mash, hash browns , they all work and create a different type of pie or stew without having to vary your filling.

For ease in the kitchen, premade and portionable mash provides you with limited food waste and a quick and convenient way to top your pies.

Heat up and eat later

The benefit of Pies, Stews and Casseroles is that you can provide meal solutions for households to cook when they’re ready to eat. You could even offer a bundle, so your customers have meals ready in their fridge for a few days, easing the burden, especially those in lockdown with kids whose time is severely limited.

4. Mixed Platters

Sharing Mixed Platter

Whatever food or cuisine you serve a platter for 4 is a good place to start, integrating what you already have on your menu to create a mixed platter with small portions of approx 6 – 8 different dishes will get your customers clicking it to their order. And don’t forget the fries to give your customers great value and a finger food that is universally pleasing.

In addition to popular Chinese or Indian Platters why not try a Family BBQ Platter; with a variety of different meats; Lamb Kebab, Peri Peri chicken, Hot BBQ Wings with Supercrunch Fries, Onion Rings & Mac n Cheese Triangles to give it a slightly American twist.

Or a Mixed Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian Platter; pleasing everyone in the household by featuring Tofu, Halloumi or Quorn to give Vegetarians something more fulfilling.

5. Sides

Sides To Share With Family

Maximise your revenue and the appeal of your sharing plates by offering a range of sides to accompany your mains, so customers can have a feast laid out on their dining room table.  Some options include:

  • Chips & Fries: A staple that everyone loves. Make sure you opt for a coated chip that are suited for home delivery. Aviko Super Crunch are superior quality, but they also stay hotter and crunchier for longer thanks to their unique gluten-free coating.
  • Appetisers: Add some fun with the likes of cream and cheese jalapeno snacks, or onion rings. All coated, they are perfect for delivery.
  • Wings; quick to cook and easy to flavour.
  • Fresh veg: Opt for seasonal veg and source locally to help other local producers

Packaging for Home Delivery

It’s important to get your packaging right. Pizzas are obvious, but for casseroles and other oven cooked dishes, aluminium trays are perfect as you can deliver hot, but you can also provide prepared meals to be heated up too. For chips and appetisers, ventilation is key to let steam out, but keep the heat in.

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