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Fish and chips shop mash

Mashed potato is delicious, versatile and perfect for home delivery. Whether you run a fish and chip shop, deli or Indian takeaway you can add diversity and choice to your menu with twisted mashed potato-based dishes that are sure to excite your customers! We’ve created some recipe ideas to showcase the fantastic variety of dishes you could create simply and cheaply with Aviko Frozen Mashed Potato.

Indian spiced mash

Indian Spiced Mash

A delicious spicy that dish would be ideal alongside a curry as a sharer or as one large portion.

  • Mashed potato spiced with toasted cumin and mustard seeds with peas mixed in.
  • Top with fresh chillies, spring onion and coriander
  • Optional – sliced chicken tikka
BLT Mashed Potato

BLT Mash

The perfect brunch mash with a creamy garlic hit of aioli and that classic combination of bacon, lettuce and tomato.

  • Aioli and black pepper mash
  • Top with Bacon pieces, quartered cherry tomatoes and baby lettuce leaves
Fish and chips shop mash

Chip Shop Tartar Sauce Mash

A fantastic healthy alternative to fish and chips, this deliciously creamy, tartar-flavoured mash goes perfectly with fried fish.

  • Mashed potato with crème fraiche, lemon juice and blended capers, dill and gherkins
  • Top with pan or deep-fried fish pieces, lemon wedges and parsley
Nacho Nacho Mash

Nacho Nacho Mash

This Tex-Mex nacho-inspired mash would be perfect as a veggie dish or alongside pulled pork or beef chilli.

  • Cheese and crushed tortilla chip mash
  • Top with mixed beans, fresh chillies, coriander, and tortilla chips
US Hot Dog Mash

US Style Hot Dog Mash

This dirty fries style hot dog mash is super indulgent and certain to be a crowd pleaser!

  • Wholegrain mustard and fried onion mash
  • Top with chopped hot dog, fried onions and ketchup/mustard
Mediterranean Mash

Mediterranean Mash

A healthy and wholesome combination that would be perfect with roasted lamb or vegetarian moussaka.

  • Olive oil and rosemary roasted vegetables (Courgette, Aubergine, Peppers, Chestnut Mushroom) mash
  • Top with more roasted veg and sun-dried tomatoes
  • Optional halloumi
Wasabi Slaw Mash

Wasabi Slaw Mash

A Japanese-inspired mash dish that’s vibrantly colourful and packed with Asian flavours of wasabi and sticky sweet teriyaki

  • Wasabi-spiced teriyaki mash with carrot, red and white cabbage
  • Top with teriyaki salmon and peanuts or edamame beans for a vegan option
Mezze Mash

Mezze Mash

This Middle-Eastern mash is fragrantly spicy and would make the perfect foil for falafel or kebab meat.

  • Tahini, lemon and pomegranate mash
  • Top with falafel, zaatar dressing and parsley

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